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The designer and photographer. Educated as an Economist from UCLA. Trained as business consultant. Worked as Tax Accountant. Passionate about art. I have always loved web/graphic designs and photography. But my specialty by trade is business. Working with lawyers taught me how to express ideas in writing in a clear, simple, and grammatically correct manner. To me there is more than just making a great design, its about the business science behind my art and making sure content is well written. I am so happy that now I am able to mix my business sense with my designs and photography to make professional work.
The developer. I get to work “under the hood”, making sure that the websites we build are running smooth and fast. I love keeping up with web technologies and programming languages because I find it rewarding to apply that knowledge to a clients website and seeing the results. I started out as a Machinist and race engine builder. This taught me how important precision and accuracy are, and how it made things run faster and smoother. I love technology, and this led me into the IT world, I even have my A+ Certification. I’m passionate about my work and I love combining what I have learned about the “nuts and bolts” of things with the latest technology.

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