Custom Built and Designed Websites

Every website should be as unique as the business and it’s owners. We believe in not just creating a website that matches your business’s personality, but has all the unique functions that makes your business stand out from others. With a great design layout you will have a design that is innovative and long lasting.

Responsive Websites (Mobile and Tablet Friendly)

A great website is fast loading and mostly importantly smartphone and tablet friendly. With more than half of website traffic now coming from mobile devices, we make sure your business website is easily accessible.

Social Media Integration

Twitter. Facebook. Google+. LinkedIn. There are a lot of social platforms available to help promote your presence and market your business. Integrating these platforms into your websites will help boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Take your business to the next level by creating a online store. We take care of the security, payment setup, notifications, design, and coupons. Start selling today.

Website Design and Development Process


Information Gathering

First step to designing a successful website is gathering information. We start off by asking several key questions to help us understand your business and your website needs. Its important that you have good understanding of you and your business, such as knowing your business goals, purpose of the website (promote a service, sell a product, or informational), what you hope to accomplish with the website, and who is your targeted audience. All of this information is taken into consideration when creating the look and feel of your website.


Now it’s time to put all that information and develop a site map. A site map is list of all the main topics areas of your site. This serves as guide as to where content and information will be placed. This is essential in developing a consistent and easy navigational system. An interface that is functional and intuitive is very important. During this phase we will help you decide what technologies to implement for the best results, such as accounts, forms, content management system, etc.


It’s time to take all the information and plans and turn it into a design. One of the main factors that will determine the look and feel of your website is your targeted audience. Another important element that will shape the design is your company logo and/or colors. Here is where we will create one or more prototypes designs of your website. This is your opportunity to express your likes or dislikes on the design. Exchanging ideas is very important is helping us match your website to your needs and taste.


Finally, all the design concepts and elements come together to create the actual functional website. The homepage is first developed, followed by a skeleton of the interior pages. The structure is built and then all the content is distributed throughout the site. Our understanding of front-end web development helps us to write valid HTML/CSS code that complies to current web standards.

Testing & Delivery

The final details are taken care of in this stage. We test things such as complete functionality of forms or scripts. We test compatibility issues (viewing differences between web browsers and mobile), we ensure that your site is optimized. We check that all code is valid. Once we have your final approval, its delivery time. An FTP program is used to upload your website files to your server.


One way to keep your website updated and fresh is by providing new content or products on a regular basis. We would be more than happy to continue working together with you and updating information on your website. Other maintenance items include regular site backups, plugin updates, etc. One of the benefits to allowing us take care of updates is you now have one less thing to do and that’s good thing during busy times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?
Small Businesses, events such as wedding websites, and non-profit organizations.
What is your turn around time?
We love to work quickly and efficiently. Factors that will determine time frame are how extensive your website is, how timely you communicate with us, how quickly you provide information that we need to build your website. For most projects, we try to work within the 4-6 week time-frame.
Do you offer domain name registration and web hosting services?
Yes! We can get you a domain or hosting or both.

If you already have a domain, great, all we need is information from your domain registrar so that we can point your website in the right direction.

Do I get an email address associated with my website?
If you register and host your domain with us, we can get you a custom email address.
Will my website be responsive & mobile friendly?
All of our websites are fully-responsive and are tested to work over several browsers, mobiles, and tablets.
Why work with us?
You’re working with more than just an designer and developer; you’re working with a business consultant and IT specialist.

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